No, mine is red

I think is real deal. Put on web today, someone can buy and resale easy with profit.
Another cool pics of my torch red.

I will put on sale soon,
When i will have my tpw for my z06.
2014 non-z51
1lt, black int, perfo exhaust(npp)
Transparent roof, red galiper, z51 carbon flash spoiler,
Chrome wheel, excelent condition just waxed before storage
12000km, put on service 20 june 2014
Asking below 68k.

This car could be perfectly legitimate. However, when we were looking for a car, we were warned by an Ontario Provincial Police officer to stay away from anything from Eastern Ontario or Quebec. The chances of buying a legitimate car are not worth taking the risk. Quebec has a bad reputation apparently and it makes things tough for the legitimate guys there. I guess you just have to be extra careful when buying anything from that area. careful,i was at a dealer auction acouple years ago,i watched a new Cadillac come up to the block..the car looked like it had been run over by a tank..flat as a pancake..this sale was in Ontario,and the only bidders on the car were from Quebec, there wasn't a part on the car that was any good..aside from the ownership and vin number plate..
When it’s too good to be true, it most of the time is……Ex US, Ex Vegas exotic race car driver, over $20000 in damages…

2014 Automatic, is this drive train not already obsolete ?:confused: Maybe thats the reason the price is "cheap".
This car was in an accident and fixed with oem parts, it also say ''not VGA'' in Quebec it means ''not a huge crash'' . On a 70000$ car, it takes a lot of damage to declare it scrap but the add doesn't say how much damage the car had.

The asking price (if legit) might give some hint of the extent of damage, tho Stephen......

If it was 'written off' by insurance, how difficult would it be to bring it back to life (cheaply) and sold for what appears to be a steal?

Buyers Beware!

If someone here has the VIN I can check to see if itsd warranty has been rendered null and void also.
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