I hate to dump on the GM parade but the fact is there has never been an introductory year of Corvette that was a prize .The 2015 will have some of the bugs removed .
I hope he gets stuck with both cars and has to sell them at a loss for being such a jerk. :mad:
Reported the ad as a scam. :D

They haven't even started production on the C7 yet and with the 1,400 car hold back in the shipping lot, I don't think they'll be doing any deliveries until late August/early Sept. Plus, I might be wrong but I think the Convertible isn't available until 2015.

Doesn't really matter though because however you slice it, pretty much everything they wrote in the ad is wrong. :rofl:
Agreed Riley -- Everything I heard about the C7 said that it wouldn't be produced and available until "the fall of '13" ....... so that makes ads like this very doubtful.

sat in one in spearfish on the weekend, gm rep said they are priced at $51,000 for base. this is in the usa though.
Was at ALMS at Mosport on the wekend and they had 2 C7`s there and the Marketing Manager said it will be $52,000 Canadian for the base model.
Agreed! Pricing has been released and it is darn near the US pricing which is spectacular and there are rumors that the Z51 option is cheaper in Canada than the US but I haven't checked this out.

To read on the pricing release click here! Chevrolet Prices the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Canada at $52,745

Sure hope that pricing holds but the dealers have some '12's and '13's to sell yet and they won't price the C7 less than what they need to get for the C6's.

MSRP can be bumped by the dealer all he wants. May have to wait some to get the decent pricing on the C7's...

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