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Feb 15, 2013
London, Ontario
1984 and 1995
Am looking for a link to any site that can break down the 13,466 2013's produced into their exterior colours they were painted in. I found one site which listed it in generic percentages but the reverse math does not work out....any one got a good site they know of? I mean, production of the 2013 ended in February, so this information has to be available by now. Thanks.
That was one of the sites that I had found....they give generic percentages so when I do the reverse math, I am still short 134 cars and their colours...because for sure, black and arctic white were not exactly at 21 %. I could have lived with this by just putting an * to denote it best-guess but I shall just keep on looking....I mean, I got 59 years of sure I can find the last C6 year of colour best and thanks.
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