Nov 17, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
2011 ZR1
If anyone is interested this car was very well taken care of and has 13,500 miles with chrome wheels and ebony interior. GMPP extended bumper to bumper warranty until Sept. 2018. $71,850 USD or best offer.
Please e mail me for more info.
Looked at a Hellcat last week at a car show in Kelowna. Have to say i was impressed. It was a very nice car.......not saying i would buy one but for the price, 700HP, full warranty, it would be a fun car to drive. Very impressed with the interior and seats.
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Looking @ a 2006 Z06 with less tan 30,000 miles on odometer which has an Caravaggio custom interior owner asking $45,000 seems a bot high what do you guys think?

Not sure what the interior is worth to you but I think that's priced high, especially with 30000 miles. I've seen some newer ones locally with less than 10000 km (not miles) going for that price.
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No their not, I'm in AB. Keep in mind transport is around $2200 for across Canada. Personally I would rather have a car with stock interior and low miles....I put more value into a low mileage car than a fancy interior. Good luck with your purchase.
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