Not official, but I heard 3800lb. Not as much of a pig as the Challenger (4100lbs), but it's getting up there. I find it funny that people always said that the old muscle cars were big heavy vehicles, yet these new pony cars weigh as much now, or more than they did back in the day. (1970 Challenger with a 440 = 3800lb and a 69 Camaro 396 = 3700lb)

Yes I realize cars are heavier today due to all the emissions, safety equipment, sound deadening, etc. But still.
I love this version of the Camaro.


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cool car but it needs to be on Jenny Craig.. To my eye... (stress that...) to my eye the car looks cool.. nice... all that but doesn't look "kick you in the crotch" fast like the 66-69's did... I'd take a resto mod on pure looks...

Just my $0.02
More Pictures! I like the different grill on the Dale Jr. Camaro and I know what you mean about the new cars looking a bit bloated, but the Sunoco remake looks pretty wicked. As you state, it's all personal preference. You may have to remind me what ta '66 Camaro looked like. Hahaha.


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They need to take 500 pounds out of the Camaro. Our old '69 427 Chevelle, with half a tank of gas, weighed 3700 pounds. That's with a 685 pound engine up front, a decent sized back seat area and a good sized trunk. That car with an all aluminum LS engine would weight less that 3500 pounds. Losing weight is like adding horsepower. This generation of Camaro just doesn't do it for me. At least GM left lots of room for improvement for the next model change.
I heard rumours that they are going to make it on the same platform as the Cadillac ATS. They state that the next Camaro will be smaller and lighter. GM seems to be really pushing making cars lighter these days. I also heard that the next Camaro will not have retro styling but until it's unveiled, who knows? Maybe they are going to go back to round tail lights.:rofl:

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