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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
Well I heard the rumors that there was a 2009 ZR1 in Saskatoon at the dealership in transit to a customer, so I went and I FOUND IT< man what an incredible car I couldn't believe my eyes.


Can't post the pics, sorry but it was as cool as it sounds.

If I was that dealership, and had a room with windows that could separate the car from the public (to keep the drool off the car), I would have taken out a full page add showing it off. But, it seems like all the good stuff just 'passes through' Saskatoon:mad:.
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ZR1's look alright, but I'm not digging on the blue calipers.


They look like someone took a C5, backed it into a brick wall at speed (sorry c6 guys!), stuck a bunch of scoops and stuff on it, then gave it a paint job...

I guess that brute HP trumps everything, but I'm waiting to see what a C7 will be like before I go making any changes... it will take more than dual cupholders and decent headlights to get me to lay down $100k+.
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There was a yellow ZR1 at wilson niblett last fall, along with Ron Fellows....the car was amazing! If I ever decide to upgrade my C5 it will be for a ZR1...CF roof, splitter, spoiler and side skirts....no a fan of the clear dome in the hood although that is a unique feature...
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