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Feb 5, 2009
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Hello members, I am very please to invite you all to:


The show & Shine will be held at the Franklin Self Storage Store All
1245 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, Ontario on Saturday May 30th from 8:00am to 12pm.
All proceeds will go to benefit the Cambridge Coping & Bereavement Center

No pre registration is required , but please indicate via post or PM your intention to attend.

Since the facility is an indoor storage warehouse the show will be rain or shine, as we will be able to host the cars inside in case oit rain's.

A small donation of $20 will be the entry.
I am also looking for someone to organize a cruise afterward.
Please contact me if you can help.

Tony Campbell ,the organizer has requested a Corvette only event so let's show our strength with a strong showing.

[email protected]
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Dude! Does it really matter? I ran a charity golf tournament for 6 years and all the proceeds went to the Princess Margaret Hospital foundation for Cancer Research. We gave $15,000 in its last year. Many people do good things to help others so quit being such a Richard.

My father particiaptes in the "Terry Fox Run" every year and has raised well over $160,000 on his own. Everyone get's a receipt no matter how small or large, in this day and age we cannot be too sure anymore. There are just so many scammers out there preying on peoples good nature.
In this "new economy" everyone is trying to get into our wallets. Arun, runs which raise money through sponsorships do provide receipts. Even though we gave ALL of our money to the Princess Margaret Hospital and even had reps and support (not to mention sponsorships from the hospital), we could not issue receipts because the participants were getting a value. This is very different than a run with sponsors.

Even Mark Walker's Tim Horton's Charity cruise which we pay up to 80$ does not get us a receipt so how about resuming our normal programming fun?
A little information about this Charity run.

Cambridge Coping & Bereavement Center is a non profit orgnization that help's childern,adults and families cope with accidental death, and those left behind from in criminal deaths, as well as death by natural cause's.

Please joins us on the 30th of May and support this cuase.

Guys& ladies this is a great cause and Gary Stockie Chev has donated an 08 C6 in Crystal Red for raffel that will be drawn in October. The organizers have indicted that everyone that comes to show their vette and donate's $20 will get 5 tickets for the draw as well the first 50entrants will recieve a grab bag with some great give aways.
Lets start a roll call :

1.ECP (Manny)
5.Dasilvas Z06
6.Titanboy_24 (offical photo bug)

[email protected]
Had a BLAST today. Got to see some old friends and make some new ones and all for a great cause. Bonus was that once you registered, you got three tockets for the 09 C6 Coupe in November. Here are some pics. Anyone wishing to have their photo removed, please PM me and I will be happy to do so.


The Ontariovette is always the meanest looking. Frank your car never looked so good. Hope to hear some great stories this year.


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I missed the show yesterday but is there any way to still buy raffle tickets for that new Crystal Red C6? I'd sure love to win that, that's my favorite new color on the C6! :)
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