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Feb 13, 2009
Hello Everyone,

Everything is coming together perfectly for an amazing Beach Cruize 2009 weekend (August 21, 22, & 23). We now have online registration for Beach Cruize. Check out Wasaga Beach Corvette Club for secure online registration. The following are a few exciting new developments:

Friday Night:

Rock 95, Boston Pizza, Wild Wings, and Stonebridge are joining forces to host a live-on-location party with free snack & refreshments for registered participants. We are also conducting a funkana at the party.


We are bringing back all of the favorite events from last year:
Restorer Zone
Installers Alley
For Sale Corvette Corral
Corvette Technical Clinics
On-Site Appraisals & Insurance
Corvette Spa

We are going to conduct a Corvette Charity Auction and your's truely will be the auctioneer.

We have combined forces with Blue Mountain Resort to host the most scenic cruise ever in our 19 year history. This legendary cruise is going to route through the Blue Mountain region. It will finish in the Village of Blue with live entertainment and refreshments.


We are bringing back all of the favorite events from last year:
Show & Shine Competition
Corvette Challenge
Poker Walk
Restorer Zone
Installers Alley
For Sale Corvette Corral

Susan Meridith from ROCK 95 will be our MC at the Show & Shine awards ceremony.

For more information on the corvette weekend, our website
www.wasagabeachcorvetteclub.com has many photos and a video from last year.

The Kingsbridge in is offering us great rates for the Beach Cruize. For anyone who does not know, the Kingsbrdige is right across the road from the Stonebridge Plaza where the Friday Night Hospitality is and is right on Main Street which is close to the beach for the Beach Cruize weekend

You can check out the Kingsbridge through our website
www.wasagabeachcorvetteclub.com they have a link there or call Diane 429-6364

We want to fill the hotel with Corvette folks!

Corvette Weekend: Aug 21, 22 and 23.
2 night min.
Rooms with one bed $70.00
Rooms with 2 beds $90.00
Kitchenette with 2 beds $115.00
2 bedroom kitchenette $130.00
Jacuzzi suite $140.00 plus 10% taxes,
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