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Feb 10, 2015
2008 c6
Hi all,

I'm looking for a set of used ZR1-style wheels that will fit a base model C6 - black or chrome.

Also looking for a lightly used set of ZR1 brakes - calipers & rotors, again for my 08 base. I'm sure somebody has upgraded to an aftermarket set and still have the stock set.

Ray J

Please email me @ [email protected]
Are you sure you are looking for a ZR1 brake kit? Maybe a kit for a Z51 or Z06 but A ZR1 kit will cost you an arm an a leg. I personnaly don't think someone can upgrade the brakes on these cars as they are carbon ceramic rotors, 6 pistons front calipers and 4 pistons rear caliper. You may find a wrecked car but still I think the spindles will need to be change to. For the wheels, you can buy 19 and 20 that will fit a base car whit the right offset. Just make sure you buy the brake first to match the wheel offset. Good luck

Ah yes. Sorry. That's what I meant, a Z06. I'm a bit confused though. Are you saying that z06 brakes won't fit either without changing the spindles?

Thanks for the info Stephane.
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