Keith, With only 66K, it would be a good buy at that price.

There is a lot of aftermarket support and knowledge available for the car. Check out the ZR-1 Net Registry Forums - Powered by vBulletin

The engine on these are next to bulletproof, they are relatively easy to get 500 hp out of and more if you bore and stroke them. Some guy's are punching them out to 440 ci and getting around 700 hp, naturally aspirated.

Looking at the pic's it looks fairly good shape, ad say's 1 owner, less than 3000 km per year. Probably very well looked after.
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Good find Keith. I agree that it's seems to be a very good deal.
I'd love a C4 Z and been close to a purchase a few times.

Seems to be a reasonable source of info, experience and parts from what I've seen.

This video is worth watching, and will give an insight into how good the LT5 and L98 engines really are:

Corvette ZR-1 24 Hours - YouTube

Those babies were really special and the pricetag showed it -- The ZR-1 option was $30k!!!!!! which all but doubled the entry fee.

I spoke with Marc about it. There is a chance its rod knock. Just wondering if there was anyone local before I send it all the way to Chicago.
Is there anyone in Ontario who is experienced in rebuilding lt5?

We are the only ones in Ontario with any real experience with the LT5 .

There is zero need for you to ship it the the US , when you have the resources right in your backyard and at the same time ,can support a local home grown shop :canada:

Our reputation is our calling card .
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