Wayne thanks, but i am not going any where i was just sending out much love to all the great people here for everything. This forum and its members are number one.

Happy for you as I know it had to go; but I also know you are going to miss it. I really hope things work out for you guys and that one day we will see you back at the helm of a nice ride like that 88 of yours. And like Wayne said, stick around here, we value your input.
Someone got a nice car..... congratulations to both parties.
Happy for you Kent and I'm sure the new owner of your beauty '88 is happy too. Did you steer the new owner to our forum? Would be nice to meet him/her and follow his ownership of your fine car too.

I also hope things turn around for you and Mary and wish you the very best also. You're both in my prayers, brother.

Looking forward to meeting you at an event down the road as I am many others over your way.

Colin thank you very much and congrats on your new C4 and huge trip you have had to bring the beauty home.We will get together at a event it will be nice to see you live and in color,untill then drive on brother.

Brian thanks very much, all is well here now and i have a little something up my sleeve the changes we needed to take for my wife Mary are in full force and will make life much better for her.As far as my next ride, well lets just say it will not be very far away and it too will be a 1988 but not a corvette.One fine day i will ride again in a Corvette but that is way down the road.With no regret i move on with great times spent in a very fine C4.

Really happy for you Kent. Sad to see the car go but happy for you and your wife. Best of luck.
Glad to hear the pressure is off selling the car but along with everyone else, it's too bad as it sure was a beaut. We're very happy to have you one this forum and glad you'll be sticking around!!!
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