May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
hey there,
i have an 87 with 85k. i lost pedal pressure the other day and brake light came on. if i pump it a few times the pressure comes backa bit but gone as soon as i apply brake. master cylinder reervoir full and no leaks at wheels. i assume the master cylinder is shot and i have ordered one that comes in today. i would love to tackle this myself (withthe help of a friend that works on his own cars. lol) i am a bit nervous about doing it but want to learn.
does anyone agree with my googled master cylinder diagnostic? is there anything else it could be. i would really love to have this fixed for the cambridge corvette show on saturday. could drive it as is i guess but you guys would want me to get there first when the lots still empty. lol
yes i will be at woodstock for sure. too bad i missed sat due to the master cylinder but i did have a beauty day at the boat. went for a 5 hour cruise. got stopped by the opp for speeding 70km in a 10 zone. (i honestly didnt see the no wake sign.) no ticket, took pity on my youthful exuberance.
hopefully the weather will hold for sat.

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