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Feb 5, 2009
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Here is another fine example of the the caliber of work you find at Dasilva Motorsports .

This 1965 Mustang Fast Back once complete will be a sure trophy winner and head turner everywhere it goes .

The full coil-over suspension and race style sway-bars along with the cage and structural body and chassis up grades will have it handling like its on rails .

The forged and stroked 302 with the original Carol Shelby Paxton SC will make this pony sing .

There is a long list of top grade parts on this project .

Stay tuned as we do our magic on this fantastic car .

Dasilva Motorsports were not just Corvette's :canada:
Thanks it's been a work in progress for several years now with both my sons and it's finally ready for body and paint.
Wow! She's going to be awesome when she's finished. What are the anticipated RWHP numbers?

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Work has now started on the 65 Mustang Resto :D

Getting ready to replace the rotten rear quarter panel .

Steve is the man when it comes to these old cars :D

Panel fit will be perfect :canada:
Moving along at nice pace as well peel back years of bad repairs :

Dasilva Motorsports will certainly make this Pony a looker and performer once again :canada:
Some panel fitment and lots of rust to clean :(

Lots of work , but the results will be Perfect :canada:
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