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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
problem with UBEC housing may cause loss of low beam headlights .Guess its not serious until ya loose high beams as well :D
Not only 08, I just received the recall for my 2012 about the low beam issue, they are not replacing the the module, they just install a jumper wire. Cheap repair.:confused:

Yeah cheap or what. How can they get away with that ish? If you tried that in your shop Stephane they'd be all over you like a fat kid on smarties.

GM tracked us down to have our '05 looked at. How do they do that when we bought the car privately? They will have to wait until spring as the car is NOT going out in the salt. Talk about a Mickey Mouse repair and that isn't being fair to Mickey. ;)

Previous owner sent the change of addy in for you ????????

You C6 guys are such whiners. The C5 does not have any headlights at all and we get along just fine. Well maybe not. :rofl:

LOL, who needs stinkin' headlights right Murray.....:D

y'all hav'nt lived till ya strike out after dark in a c3 one eyed winkin' at folks. :rofl:

LOL, my '94 hasn't done that yet but now I won't be surprised if she starts to.:D

Yes I have :D God bless all the white C3's out there .
LOL, He's used to it Steven -- I don't think Doug's Studeshaker has headlights at all. He limits his trips in that baby to 1/4 or 1/8 mile at a time tho.:D

Glad Likarok brought this back -- needed a good laugh..:rofl:

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