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Mar 5, 2011
brighton ontario/Port Charlotte Fla
03 50th Aniversary
The rims have Goodyear run flats on them, that have 90% rubber front, 85% rear.
Total package $700.I do not mind keeping the tires for future use as the run flats are a crazy price , and I have no interest in non run flats on my car.
The only reason I am taking them off is that I wanted a 03 AE car without the F 55 shocks.I have it painted the right color and have the proper top for it, and the proper wheels now. I am also taking the black top off and replacing it with a shale top. It is selling for $350, if you know anyone who may be interesed.
I got this car for a GOOD price as it was a trade in to a Ford dealer who did not want this car over the winter, and the seller never used the car, and needed 2 new trucks for his business.Right place ,right time!
My email is I will contact you when I arrive home, and get the car out of storage.
Nice you are so close since I live in Brighton.
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