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Oct 17, 2010
2002 Stock Coupe there any advantage to getting a tune done to a completely stock 2002 automatic?
If so...what should i be asking to have done and what gains am i looking at?

I have read that Arun at DaSilva motorsports is the go to guy for this?

I don't plan any mods in the near future...maybe a Corsa exhaust and some sort of cold air intake down the road

Appreciate your thoughts
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Hey Raiderz,

Arun @ Dasilva Motorsports is definitely the guy you're looking for if you want a tune. He is hands down one of the best tuners around. :canada:

With the A4 transmission, you would definitely see an improvement after having a tune. It firms up the shift points and makes the car much more enjoyable to drive. GM tends to leave a lot on the table that a good tuner can take advantage of.

Give Manny (Nasty98) a call at the shop, or shoot him a PM and I'm sure he would be happy to explain it further and give you any advise you would need. (Not until he's done tuning mine though......... :rofl: )

Ryan going to do a bit of reading as to what exactly can be done to a stocker tune to gain a few HP..fuel mileage..shift points..etc...

What does a tune cost anyways?
Is it mail order or done on site?

Maybe Manny will chime in if he reads this

Definitely a plus on a stock auto. You'll pick up some ponies and torque plus firm up the shifts as Ryan said.

"on site" is best. Mail tunes are rarely very successful.

Manny will go over all the details with you. His toll free # is: 866-992-3752

You'll have better, more firm shifts too! My Vette is manual, but my '01 Camaro SS was an auto trans. It made a big difference from stock. Colin has given you Manny's number, give him a call.

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I talked with Manny...he advised me to save my money and not tune an auto stocker...very little if anything to accomplish with a tune...appreciate your honesty Manny...Thanks
I won't take peoples money for these types of tunes , even with a cat back exhaust its a waste of hard earned money .

Do headers or a cam and yes by all means do a tune .
When you meet an honest guy like Manny, stick with him. He can save you a lot of money. All too many are ready to take your hard earned money whether it is helping or not. Slick advertising sells a lot of stuff too. Always has. Years ago Edelbrock was the intake to have. They also had the biggest advertising budget. When magazines actually did side by side comparison tests it seemed that Weiand always was first, Offenhauser second and Edelbrock third. I never pay any attention to advertising nor the seat of the pants dyno. Neither are much good.
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