track day

  1. formula80_ca

    For Sale: Front brake pads for a C7 Z51 (or base model)

    I have switched to Z06 front calipers on my Z51 so I have a few sets of front brake pads for a Z51 (or base) for sale. 1 set of G-Loc (Carbotech) R6 autocross front pads (only used for one event - six 45 second runs) $115 OBO + shipping 1 set of G-Loc GS-1 low dust street pads (front) used...
  2. Toxix

    Toxix's Track Day - 2017 Grand Sport

    Just wanted to share some pictures and my experience with my 2017 Grand Sport at our local track here in Ontario. This car continues to impress me. I've always loved driving and pushing my cars to the limit (or as far as my ability will let me). Even with the Mustang I thoroughly enjoyed going...
  3. formula80_ca

    Ron Fellows Corvette owner school at Spring Mountain review

    I finally attended the Ron Fellows Corvette owner school at Spring Mountain (November 24-25, 2015) and it was an absolute blast! Wow, all I can say is as a C7 owner paying $1,000 for this course is a steal. Thank-you GM for offering this program to your customers. After doing it I would say that...