oil catch can

  1. V8!

    Mightymouse vs Elite Ultra Catch can comparison

    Hey everyone, so I guess not all catch can are created equal. I did a comparison with the Mightymouse and the Elite Engineering Ultra. I ran them in series for 1500kms, then reversed and repeat. The Elite caught more both times. If anyone is curious, here is the vid. By the way I'm not...
  2. V8!

    Are High Flow valves worth it for a catch can install?

    Hey everyone, I bought some high flow valves to install on my Z06 and began to wonder, is the money I spent worth it compared to the cheap one way valves? So I did a comparison vid, you don't have to watch it, but in a nutshell they do flow much better. I bough the Elite Engineering valves and...
  3. captain vette

    Oil catch can

    Hello guys,what is the best oil catch can for a c6 ls3 engine thank you