Dec 31, 2019
19 Z06 3LZ
Hey everyone, so I guess not all catch can are created equal. I did a comparison with the Mightymouse and the Elite Engineering Ultra. I ran them in series for 1500kms, then reversed and repeat. The Elite caught more both times. If anyone is curious, here is the vid. By the way I'm not affiliated with either company. This is just my research.

Hey thanks for the comment and you are right about the weather, that is the one reason I only did 1500kms twice as I drive the Z06 in the summer, and I knew I would be on a time constraint to get 3000kms total for the test before the weather changed. I still caught the tail end of the weather change (hence the condensation in the Elite in the second test)

I think the MM didn't have any condensation on the second test as it was close to the engine and pretty much above the exhaust manifolds, where the Elite was tucked in the corner where it was colder.

I do think the result would be the same, because if you look at the Elite when it was 1st in line (Test 1) it caught about 15mm and there was no condensation. On test 2 when the MM was 1st in line it didn't catch much at all, maybe 5ml, and there was no condensation. The only can that caught condensation was the Elite when it was second in line on the second test, and it still caught quite a bit (albeit there was condensation)

Thanks for the comment :)
Would you do the test again in a warmer climate with the MM hooked up first and Elite second and see what the result of that will be next year?

Your controls of the test parameters seem fine but 1 parameter of the test you can't control was the weather.

Also I will have another test posted in the spring that eliminates any temperature affect. (different testing method)
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