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    Hood Support Extension Length

    Hi, Does anyone know the extension length for the 72-73 scissor hood support? I am looking for the length from the middle bolt, to the metal plate where it bolts onto the hood when it is fully extended. I am trying to see if it will fit in my corvette and will hold my hood up. Any help you...
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    Hood Support

    I bought a used 1971 hood to put on my corvette. I also bought a new 1971 hood support to pair with the hood, but the support appears to be too long. When I bolt the support in place and try to lift the hood up, the support isn't able to extend all the way to lock so the hood doesn't stay up. I...
  3. 2008 Corvette Hood

    2008 Corvette Hood

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for an OEM hood for my 08 Z06, doesn't have to be perfect can have scrapes and dings. Price negotiable depending on condition. Interchange says that these fit from 05-13, please let me know if you have something or know of someone who does! Thanks!