1. 1

    For Sale C7 Kooks 1 7/8 headers and Kooks catted X pipe

    Kooks 1 7/8 headers and Kooks catted x pipe - used for 1,500km's. Sold my Grandsport. Call or text Mark 519-200-6643 Located in London Ont
  2. C

    C5 headers tri y

    I have an 2003 convertible , suspension and shifter upgrades but motor pretty much stock other than adding ZO6 Ti mufflers and zip tie mod. For the street , I value low end torque and l usable power” I understand tri y headers are best for this although they do not seem to be popular or common...
  3. JLFC

    180 degree headers?

    I was wondering if you guys might have any insight into or any knowledge to share about 180 degree headers. I find the exhaust note and performance gains due to even exhaust pulses to be really appealing! Cheers. :Cheers2: