1. G

    For Sale: C6 convertible

    2005 Z51 convertible triple black 6 Spd loaded P top, HUD, boala& stock exh tires excellent year old 62000kms $26500.00 OBO
  2. C6 WR

    C6 WR

  3. C6 Convertible WindRestrictor®

    C6 Convertible WindRestrictor®

  4. C7 Corvette Flags

    C7 Corvette Flags

  5. R

    Wind Restrictor for vert vette

    Does anyone have experience with the Wind Restrictor for their convertible Vette? I am thinking about installing one but would like some opinions first. Testimonials on the www look positive. Home page
  6. Thunderspit

    Another New Guy

    Hi Everyone, picked up a '07 convertible in amazing shape this fall and got a couple of trips in before putting her away for the winter. I'm new to corvettes, but having allot of fun. I'm semi retired and living in Calgary. I look forward to taking in a couple of events next year and thankfully...