1. Messner

    CRUISE COCHRANE (Alberta) - On-Going Cruises

    CRUISING has taken on a whole new meaning with this Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most events including Car Shows, Show & Shines etc. CRUISING has become very popular in our region! In fact we have at a minimum tripled our car-counts this year with one cruise having over 200 vehicles! CRUISE...
  2. AceCole

    Hi From High River

    Hey everyone, I'm a long time browser-first time member. Owning a Corvette has been my dream ever since I was 4 years old. I've had the pleasure of driving a C3-C6, and now I finally have one to call my own: a 1989 Corvette. It has the Z51 package with selective ride suspension, a 6 speed...
  3. Thunderspit

    Another New Guy

    Hi Everyone, picked up a '07 convertible in amazing shape this fall and got a couple of trips in before putting her away for the winter. I'm new to corvettes, but having allot of fun. I'm semi retired and living in Calgary. I look forward to taking in a couple of events next year and thankfully...