1. WN Jeff

    2023 Stingray Wheel Price's and Value

    Call me crazy, but I think the new 2023 Stingray wheels look amazing and offer a better overall value to the consumer than the 2022 Stingray wheel options... Especially when you compare the 2023 Gloss Black 20 Spoke wheels VS the 2022 5 Trident Spoke black wheels. 2023 Gloss Black 20 Spoke =...
  2. WN Jeff

    2023 Corvette Stingray Visualizer

    Forgive me is someone else has posted this already... FINALLY WE CAN SEE THE NEW WHEELS FOR THE 23 STINGTAY!!! https://visualizer.chevrolet.com/ui/2023corvette-stingray/05534467
  3. 2023


    This could be a photo of my watch... or it could be
  4. WN Jeff

    Spy shots of Hybrid Corvette E-Ray Interior

    There are a lot of questions and out there regarding the future C8 Hybrid... Will it have a front-mounted electric motor similar to the 2020 BMW i8? Could Gm detune the engine slightly and use the E-Ray's electric motors to give it some serious power? Would GM consider going full ham on...