1lt c8

  1. nKuch

    Featured 1LT interior leather review + White seats

    We've gotten lots of questions about our white seats over the past few months so we decided to make a video on it. For those not interested in watching the video, there's definitely some wear and darkening on the white GT1 seats after 10 months and 8000km's. All the darker spots managed to come...
  2. nKuch

    Guide Here's EXACTLY what you get for $59,995 USD on the corvette c8!

    Hey folks, it took us quite some time to film and edit this video but it's finally here. We thought it would be pretty informative to show potential buyers exactly what you get for the base price of $59,995. Of course, our specific vehicle is slightly more expensive but that's just because of...
  3. nKuch

    Taking delivery of my 1LT Corvette C8!

    Hey folks, first and foremost I'd like to apologize to anyone who got their TPW's and builds delayed due to the virus that's affecting the whole world right now. My brother and I were extremely lucky to have this car built before the factory shut down and shipped + delivered before the border...