1. 72ray

    Mystery (a/c) Electrical connector

    Hi legends, I’m sure somebody here can IDENTIFY and EXPLAIN this electrical connection that joins my a/c compressor +ve power supply (dark green) what the wiring diagram I have says is the low pressure switch. Apologies for my electrical ignorance in advance.
  2. 72ray

    My vacuum systems problems begin-HELP

    Never had a problem before now but the wiper door decided to not move up when selected last week. I left the override switch open to see if anything changed and up it popped after 10 minutes if highway driving. Great! Arrived at my destination and selected normal mode, down went the wiper door...
  3. 72ray

    A/C compressor replacement options

    My A/C guy tells me my compressor has had it. Wondering about my options. What are your thoughts/ experiences with remanufactured compressors? How about the aluminum replacement units? I’m guessing the root of the problem was that my car was previously sitting pretty well unused for quite some...
  4. 72ray

    Aussie C3

    Hi folks, Thanks for adding me to your group. I’ve recently purchased my first Corvette, a 1972 coupe in Ontario Orange metallic. She’s a relatively unmolested survivor car and will need some attention but straight up drives and stops beautifully. I’m looking forward to tapping into the massive...