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    Radiator cooling fans not working

    The fans will engage at low speed when the coolant temp reaches 226 (108c) degrees. If the temp keeps climbing, the fans will change to high speed at 235 (113c) degrees. This assumes that the vehicle has a stock tune and the fan turn on temps haven't been adjusted. All cooling system fans...
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    Covid19 Fallout Observations

    Yep. Definitely not the first time.....................
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    Coils packs, Wires, and Plugs

    Stock coils are more than adequate for the majority of applications. I'm making in excess of 1K HP and they are holding up fine. MSD wires are known to be good. I would highly recommend running socks on them if you have headers, to keep the heat away. Plugs will be very dependant on what...
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    Covid19 Fallout Observations

    Mine too! I never should have sold it. It had a LT1 swap and was an absolute blast toying with mustangs off the line. Haha I can't count the number of differential swaps I did. I was always going to build a 9" for it, but never got around to it. It was easier to drop in a junkyard diff...
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    Event CALGARY AUTO SHOW - March 11th-15th 2020 - Cancelled

    YEG is canceled as well.
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    What gas stations to avoid?

    Apparently the new Chevron on McKnight and 12th Street NE in Calgary carries ethanol free 94 octane. Need to fill up tomorrow, so I'll check it out and see.
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    Annual Shaganappi show and shine August 24.

    A great day yesterday. It was nice to meet a few of the forum members and put a face to the name. Great weather, great cars and great company. What more could you ask for?
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    Looking For: C5 zo6 k/m cluster

    They do all retain E/M settings. Some guys just like showing their buddies that their car goes 300MPH I guess......... :WillyNilly:
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    Looking For: C5 zo6 k/m cluster

    Yes, the C5 has the option to change from english to metric. I guess he just wants the look of the speedo that goes to 320 instead of 200.
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    Curb ramps.

    I use them during "Corvette weather" and still have to angle into my driveway. The joys of a lowering an already low car. :Banghead: I do bring them in once the Vette season ends. They are a necessity in NW Calgary for the majority of our curbs. :thumbs:
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    C4 LSX Swap

    You must have had one heck of an alignment to compensate for that.......... Haha. :WillyNilly:
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    Oil Catch Can

    Absolutely a necessity on a LS engine in my opinion! I have one and swear by it. The amount of oil it catches from going into the intake is astonishing. I don't recall what make mine is, but they're all pretty similar. :thumbs:
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    Why was my KID NOT IMPRESSED when I said I would buy them a "VETTE" ?

    Man I miss my "Vette"! I had an '87 Scooter that I swapped in a LT1 from a 93 Camaro. It was honestly probably the most fun I've ever had in a vehicle (and that includes my current Corvette). There was no better feeling that pulling up beside a Mustang in the Chevette and absolutely...
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    LS2 in an 87 C4- Z51?

    It would either be a C6 (the LS2 was introduced in the C6), or somebody has previously done an engine swap to a C5.
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    LS2 in an 87 C4- Z51?

    If it's a C5, it's a LS1 (or LS6 if it's a Z06) not a LS2. Would be 350HP if in stock form.