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Hi I’m new to this site so any help would be good. I’m very new to corvettes also. I brought my 1979 C3 as a project, and I’m enjoying it immensely.
are you Dick G?
Yes, hi Doug
Karam, still have the winter set?
Yes. Still available. Are you interested?
1974 Corvette Stingray
in 2012 a guy from quebec city buy a 2011 grand sport from and 5 years later its mine !!!!!!
Love my Vettes! Considering selling my White 74 though, not getting time to run it, let me know if you interested in it and I can give you details.
Still looking for a vette concerned about living on 2 miles of gravel any ideas besides moving a few covering options but not sure which one to get
FOR SALE. neoprene seat covers for C6. Got them for my GS. Yellow and black. $60, buyer pays shipping.
where abouts in sask r u.. i saw wheels were on kijji before thx andy
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Hi everyone, haven't been around in a while. hope everyone had lots of miles & Vette related Smile this past summer!
2000, coupe ,sebring silver, 6speed, borla, Z06 motorsports black wheels, hawk brakes .
Last day of Insurance today in the C5.
Nice weather for a cruise somewhere!
Love that color!!!
New member Zora here. Thanks for your nice welcoming message. Question please, is there a way I can set up my notifications please, so that every time there is a post on the C8 Zora section, that I get an email notification? If complex to do that, would you please, as our Admin, please set up my account so that will happen. I look forward to learning more here, had my deposit on the ME since Feb. 1, 2015. John
Very simple, go to the C8 Zora forum, hit the Watch button and select how you want to be notified.
Hi J&S, is that colour on your car Blade Silver? My 2017 Grand sport (Watkins Glen) was written off a few weeks ago and I am getting ready to order a new one but having trouble deciding on colour. I really like the Blade silver and will be ordering chrome wheels. do you have any good pictures of yours that you would be willing to share so that I can get a better idea of appearance.
I bought this 2001 vert in 2011 and installed the Windrestrictor and upgraded the stereo including back up camera and dash cam this year. Absolutely love and enjoying the upgrades!
2010 corvette
what kind of Audio system ?
Hi Derrek, i heard you are wanting to cruise. look under Grahams posting.