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Have a great day. Happy Birthday.
Working on not crashing ccf this weekend
I have not forgot about this site I just have been busy working and spending time in USA with daughters........ so this site has taken a back seat. I pan to to do some trips again. i really enjoyed the trip to Drumhellar last year
Hey Marty,

Enjoying the heat?

My son is back with his mother, my gf is at a quilting retreat. I was thinking about going for a drive to GP tomorrow mid morning. Why not meet me part way, we can convoy together and have a cool beverage somewhere and revel in the joy of our cars?

And if not, another time!


I was reading a post and it was suggested he click on Calendar to see up coming events. So I did that just for snicks and the Meet In the Middle event has the Brandon, MB Canad Inn address even though it also says Winnipeg.
Ummm, I just checked it out again. Yup there is no Winnipeg to confuse anyone with the Brandon address but the event is in Winnipeg at the Canad Inns Destination Center Club Regent Casino Hotel. 1415 Regent Avenue W., Winnipeg, MB. I have reservations there.

@Bixter44 Hmmm, I went by the Google maps address as does the event, I'll fix the address if it's an error on Google's part.
OK, fixed for the second time. Looks like GMaps was pulling the wrong Canad Inns location.
Thanks for the encouragement. After seeing your car, I am motivated to get the show on the road... Happy Fourth!!!!
next lunch.....thurs. 28 june. usual time.
Hi Z06Guy. Welcome to the forum.Great avatar picture. Might suggest you scroll to the 'New Users' section and introduce yourself there. Your profile page doesn't get a lot of exposure. Would like to see more pictures of your ride as well... Again... Welcome...
I can help you with the noise and tell you what GM is not telling you. Call or text me 226-373-0053 Mike
I was just up in Ottawa for the long weekend, May12th. Unfortunately I did not see you
As I was saying, might leave on Monday as I believe the Winnipeg chapter has some activities planned. Don't know of anyone else from out East going there. If our schedules jive maybe we can trip back together.
I am not coming back, continuing on out west doing Cold Lake
Morning Jim;
I am still a bit up in the air about attending MITM as I will have just returned from Europe. If I do go I will be running a day ahead of you as I would want to be in Winnipeg by Thursday night. I would plan on Sudbury for Tuesday, Thunder Bay for Wednesday and Winnipeg for Thursday. Gives a day to get the kinks out of the rear end and maybe sightsee Winnipeg a bit. Might leave on Monday.
Dieter: love your car - love that color and the GS, in my opinion, is the C7 to own - when I bought mine I had no idea the GS would be available - enjoy the ride.
Hi Nik, I just made a donation to CCF for $100 and as a new member, I'm happy to do it. However, in the confirmation receipt I received via email, under the donation description, it said Monthly??? I certainly didn't select monthly nor did I intend to donate $100 monthly so how do I confirm this as a one-time donation and if necessary cancel as a monthly donation?
I've responded to your private message @Crinks
Hi Michael, a tune up is never a bad idea. What year make model? When was the last tune up?
Darn spell check. Sorry should have thank you Nik.
Thank you Nick.