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120 more sleeps! I am going to have to do the countdown of sleeps until delivery of my C8. Our family is part of the Disney Cult. All of our trips to Disney have sleep countdowns.
Hello... I have a deposit on a 2020 Corvette... I have purchased the personalized licence plates and now the for the big question... Which will arrive first - the car or Spring? Any guesses?
Hey AxeZO6, we are similar in taste when it comes to bikes. Have owned 990f, 1100 katana, 750 interceptor ( only piece of junk I've ever owned, sold it 2 weeks later), gsx 750r, 2 Hayabusas and now ride FJR ! (fantastic bike)
I want an FJR for long hauls. Otherwise, I'd be searching for an unmolested Ducati 1098. Rode 1 from Gatlinburg to Robbinsville, thru deal's gap. Fell in love.
Welcome to the forum. You can post a picture of you car. Enjoy this forum
Convertible builds can be placed as I am going in for my build tomorrow. Not sure what the code will be...I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow.


Thanks. My Convertible build has been in GMs system for over a month and sitting at event code 1100. We just need GM to start picking up convertibles but I don’t think that’s happening until January 20th from what I’m hearing.
Owned and driven this car since 1987. Now that I am retired, I decided it deserves a full restore. Still in progress......