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Hey Ray,

It’s Jon in regards to the C5 for sale.
My cell is 905-252-7874....feel free to text or phone. I’m available after 6pm this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After that I’m free during the days. Thanks
Hi Dale I have just purchased a 2016 Z06 but in my search I did find a great deal on a stingray z51 2lt with 2500km on it and he was willing to sell it fro 59k the seller sent me a ton of pictures I have his number if you want it
Thanks, Wes, but I’m trying to not spent more than $50K. It just seems crazy to spend even that much on a toy, so I have to stick to my budget.
Unless, of course, you think he might be willing to drop down to 50, then sure...:)
Great summer cruising in the c4, plans for more improvement in the fall months before storage..
Wanted to say more Don but only allowed 420 characters.
Do you have a personal e-mail address I can send to?
OL Yeller
OL Yeller
Richard: My email address is Whats the dates in June again and where do you usually stay while you are in Kingston? Let me know. I'll try to book something. Maybe they offer a price because of the event...who knows.
Hi Don;
Still haven't looked at my calendar yet but as I said before I intend to arrive in Kingston the day before the event.
I recently talked with John Price who is in charge of this and he will be sending put VIP notifications two weeks before the registration opening date to allow the locals to get in there before it is "sold out".

Trying to remove bleeder screws on rear calipers that I'm positive have not been removed since it was built. Wanted to gravity bleed the whole system. Based on the coffee coloured fluid in the reservoir it needs it.
Hello, my name is Todd and I just bought my very first Corvette. It's a black 2004 coupe with dual removable roofs. I am new to Vettes and muscle cars in general so any pointers or tips are appreciated.
my status is 69 corvette convertible 632 tall deck clone of Muncie from Syracuse big shafts need rack and pinion to lose steering box need lots of advise to make it run
You must have an interesting job seeing that it takes you to the other side of the world!
Yup... has taken me all over the world. Well where there is oil at least. Seriously adventurous way to live and I enjoy it tremendously.