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Apr 18, 2010
2006 Coupe, 2003 AE
Question from a friend in England. Please reply to me.

Do you have any friends with Z06 who drive them hard? I have been getting a problem on mine or what I though was a problem where at about 5200 rpm it feels a bit like the limiter kicks in but if traction off it does not do it( about 125MPH) under hard throttle. People on the Z06 forum have said its torque management kicking in to protect wear and tear on the drive train, but Gary Garwood says his does not do it so I
I hate it when it does that... mine used to do the same thing at 260... piss me off :rofl:

honestly it does sound like a computer issue but I'm also thinking maybe Mass Air Flow sensor?? I think it would be feasible that it might cause the engine to stumble and not generate a error code? My E55 AMG did the same thing 2 weeks ago!!
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