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Oct 22, 2014
2012 ZR1
I am sure most of you have heard that a stock Z06 engine with less that 1000 miles has to be replaced. Thankfully GM is stepping up and replacing the engine. What is important to learn from this is don't change your engine tune. If you do the chances are high that you will be replacing your engine. Nobody knows how close to the edge the LT4 is running at this time but it those with a Z06 coming should take note.
If GM is replacing the engine guessing after diagnostics of the ECM the car was still stock.

Maybe this will be the car that gets posted all over the Vette forums that will show people maybe they should give the C7 Z06 car 1500-2000 miles before they drive it stupid. Many are probably trying 0-60 runs at 500 miles due to the cool DVR feature.

I bought a Subaru STI in 2007 and was not suppose to rev above 4000 rpm's for I think it was 2000 miles. I didn't. Part throttle below was fine...... turbo break in.

People have these new North American supercars and they want to be be king and internet sensations on youtube.

I have heard a Hellcat motor had oil? oil line? issues at 85 miles..... but that is Chrysler / Dodge for you... hahaha

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