Here's my kit. It won't be easy to get it to Alberta! ;)

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Wow. You go all in. :thumbs:

Looks like fun. Can't take my eyes of the "Welcome Masterbaiters" sign. Not sure I want to see a vid of how you boys "end" your evening...
Long story short, i have friends in Alabama that come up fishing with me every year or so. I always meet them at the airport with one of those chauffeur signs with something smartass wrote on it that I likely shouldn't post here. They invited me down to fish Lake Guntersville in Alabama and that was the sign they hung on the lake house where we were staying when we got there..... I brought it back and hung it in my cave.
lol.... Yes. I can imagine. I'd get arrested in today's world for some of the not politically correct signs I've held up. People coming off the planes just line up and wait to see who I am meeting. Embarrasses the hell out of them but they laugh ....
What's his best song? I just listened to a couple and they do sound pretty good.

Danko is the lead buddy john is the bassit.....from years ago
they have had quite a few drummers

i like ....white cadillac .....lover hates me .....dont fall in love......and a bunch more

this 3 piece band is from right here in toronto........great music if you like this type ALL their songs are about the politics no violence just about God's most perfect creation

never really took off here.....they had some drama with their record label.... something to do with file sharing and were kinda black balled here but they did well in europe

i think my fave of theirs is lover call

video is pretty cheeezzzy but great song

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