Friday night--Woodward Dream Cruise 2010

Friday night 9:30 at night and it's 91 degrees---thing's where rock'n when we hit the Strip!! Traffic was backed up over the backed up over Bluewater Bridge for probably one hour---but got through OK---check in then hit the "Miracle Mile" Cruise area---lots of action---funny cars with licience plates duct taped on them. Big crowds in spots that had lawn chairs and couch and chair set's on the boulivards already!!

The Bridge is always a treat!!!!

We even got to watch a Great Laker go underneath and half way to the Soo!!!

The Garmin says it all!!!!

Crowds for a Friday night where amazing!!

Looked like my old vette on the prowl!!

Duggan's pub---always rock'n!!!

All sort's of exotica out and about--a Lotus!!

A Max Wedge laying down some rubber compound!!!

Couple of Dollies in a Salleen Mustang with Lambo doors!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for the real Machoy!!!!
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