I am sitting on my terrace overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay while a gale force wind is blowing everything around me. I am out there sitting in this crappy weather praying to the weather gods to please fix whatever is broken and return spring and hopefully, summer after that! It has been an absolutely horrible season so far for getting out in the car and attending some of the cruise nights etc. I would respectfully ask each and every member on this forum to please join me in a prayer to the big guy upstairs and ask him to step in and bring some decent weather for us to enjoy. I am really starting to get pi$$ed off with this season.
I hear ya Terry. I too am fed up with all the cold weather and rain. Mind you, my lawn has never looked better. But, not so good for getting out there and driving. There is a cruise night tonight in Southampton that I'd like to go to but the weather is looking kind of threatening. :(
Good to see you back posting again Colin. You were conspicuous by your (and your photographs) absence. Hope to see you cruising round Cambridge soon :driving:


Thanks Antony -- still waiting to get the 'vette in for the fender replacement. but it should be in shortly.

Hope to meet up soon. (if it doesn't snow).:D

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