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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
We've been getting dumped on with snow these last two nights. Temperatures have been down around -10C to -15C and with the open water all around us the old mother nature snow machine is running full bore each night. Cold out today; just came in from cleaning out the laneway and wind chill is -15C. Supposed to get really cold next week with wind chills in the -20s in the daytime! :eek: We're not used to that around here anymore! :(
Yeah at least bearable here but I'm not used to -10 temps. and they say it might be colder soon. UGGG call me a wuss.....too old for cold.

At least not much snow yet and there is more rain in the forecast too.

All round not bad so far.......and spring isn't far off.

Fla looking better all the time

You're not kidding...

kinda chilly around here too, not much snow. i didn't get up in the night to fill the wood stove and the house was 61f at 5 am today. the key to staying warm here is drink plenty of water before bedtime. :rofl: i have an electric furnace but the supersonic whir of the hydro meter keeps me awake !!! :rofl:
Well I've got an empty room but I want to warn ya that the temp has dropped from 80's (f) to in the 70's (F) but the pool is heated .

Actually I was down to the pool and I overheard a couple say "he must be Canadian with that fur coat on ".Can't help it ,I was born with it .Even when I was born in the hospital everyone thought I was Canadian because at two days old I had a hairy chest .
Anyway I have a spare room Jan 31st ---Feb 6th (so far)
Ouch Greg -- That looks awful.......I hear some milder weather is coming in next w/end..


Temp right now is -11C with a -19C windchill. They're calling for -16C overnight with a -26C windchill and another 20cm of snow in the next 24 hrs. Beautiful around here in the summertime but it takes a hardy person to live here all winter.
we're about the same here temperature-wise greg but with much lighter snowfall than you. the old woodstove is just a humpin'. we don't get anywhere near the snow here that we used to. back when i was sledding we could ride the lakes around here but to trail ride we would have to trailer the machines about 20mi north. :canada:
Yes it is cold here in the banana belt this week also......cold enough I went and booked a trip to Mexico..... :)

I used to like you Brian...:rofl: When are you going?

No school here today for the kids as the buses are all cancelled. Two highways south of here are closed. Only two more months til spring!
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