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Jan 12, 2009
Im interested in hearing about everyones winter vacations. Hot of course.....just thinking about where to go next year.
I went to the D.R. this year and thinking about Mexico next.
Any ideas or info would be awesome!!
I went to Mexico in November. I suggest waiting until Jan or Feb when you really need a break from the cold. I couldn't as I was down there for a friends wedding. I have also been on a cruise in the Caribbean. That was actually really good. I never thought I would like cruises, but it is nice to go see a whole bunch of different places and having our hotel go with you.
I may have to try out the cruise thing next year. Though mostly I just want a warm place to relax and try to drink the resort out of
Went to D.R (Punta Cana) this spring but i liked Cancun better last spring both have nice white sand beaches but had more fun at mexico people where more inviting and easier to communicate with too
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