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Feb 28, 2009
Cold lake, Alberta
Have to replace the windshield, 2006, good ol Alberta. Mine has HUD and they have two styles of new windshields. The plain no HUD and the one for HUDs

Ones normal cost and ones very expencive , no I don't have windshield insurance they don't do that in Alberta. well not worth the cost really until I need one.

So does or has anyone had experience in putting a normal windshield in and still able to see the HUD? The guy at the Auto Glass place says yes and says he's done other styles of cars that it still works? BMW's for ex.
I've read a number of post on the Vette forums regarding folks adding HUD to their cars with non HUD glass. From what I've read makes no difference. And I'll tell you for sure when the snow go's when I add my HUD kit...
I've had my windshield replaced last summer. Since it was an insurance claim I opted for the HUD Glass. Stupid expensive! $2,400!!!!!!!! From questioning the several people in the glass industry the difference is in the reflective coating between the glass sheets. The HUD glass will reflect better but the non-HUD works, its just not as bright. Most do not have the brightness set to max so by turning it up a bit it should account for the less reflectivity of the non-HUD glass.

my 2 cents thats now 5 Canadain but that's only 4 cents US!
I have hud from factory and I was told if I replace my winshield whit a regular window, the image might not be as crisp/clean as it should. I am curious about this to so I just post a reply on the other forum where a supplier of oem part advertise hud kits to install on non hud cars, I will post is reply as soon I get it (if he answer my question). Stephane
Good morning Gentlemen,

Another Alberta C6 Z06 owner with the same conundrum. The HUD glass is wildly crazy compared to the non-HUD and I have rad on various forums both sides of the experience with using the non-HUD windshield. Some have claimed it made no difference, others did find that it made the image harder to read and less crisp/clear especially in sunlight.

Another Alberta C6 driver, posting unde the name Dik, has has some windshield changing experince in Edmonton, perhaps with Sherwood Chevrolet but you should PM him on this. He related that the dealer there gave him a crazy super deal on a proper HUD OEM windshield installed and he recommended them highly.

It seems to me that I recall some people commenting that this also had to do with the HUD region being thinner/thicker than the non-HUD windshield.

I was OK with the crack on the passenger side, so to speak, but had the "luck" of a gravel truck pulling onto the road ahead of me and giving me a good 3" on the far left side. Makes the car look like my pickup now!

Please let us know what you deicde and how you find it as I'm also starting to prepare to have mine done in 2015, maybe after I replace it getting glass insurance too????


Some good input here guys. I have my crack on the passenger side as well, but heading back to Ont this year so has to pass the safety. I can get a reg windshield for 750 installed, the HUD 1500. I can certainly deal with turning up the brightness, clarity I can see why there are two styles, but really the numbers are big enough to see. I'll keep seeing on here for some concrete info, I'm not deciding till really a month before I leave lol

I actually use mine all the time, rarely look at the speedo, why it's there in the windshield oh and the G Meter lol

But they sell HUD kits, so is there a warning that you have to change the windshield? Prob not, so it must work to some degree. I'll keep an eye out and once guys get er done, pass it on I wills as well
Here is the reply at the question I asked about installing Hud on non hud cars.

Originally Posted by The boss View Post
Does it work as good on a regular winshield? Part number for winshield is different for non hud cars.

While the windshield part number is different there is no issue using the HUD on a non-HUD windshield. You don't even notice a difference.
$1500 for a HUD installed? $2400 in Alberta. This must be what they keep referring to as the "Alberta Advantage"!!

$750 for a regular C6 windshield installed? I wouldn't be thinking twice at that price and sadly even if it was a problem with clarity, in the land of semi trucks I'd be changing it again in two years anyway..............


Well seems to be a reg windshield, once installed in june, I'll post how it looks. If anyone gets one done before or installs a HUD post away.

Thanks theBoss, and everyone for the input.
Just had the windshield replaced, HUD works ok, a bit of clarity issue but still is good to go. Just so you all know, and it was like 500 bucks too
I can't think of anything on God's green earth that could make a windshield worth $2400. I'm beginning to think that it is just a marketing way to ratchet up the prices. They condition you to that $2400 even if you are not buying one. Then the $500 windshield goes way up but still looks good by comparison. Same with batteries. Come out with some super, duper top of the line battery with a ridiculous price. Once people get used to seeing that price, the lower end battery prices get ratcheted up. Hopefully my C-Tek charger/maintainers can extend the life of my batteries. Roads around here are pretty well all hard surfaced so the windshields fare out a lot better and I keep my fingers crossed. ;)
why don't you go over to Montana and have it done there at a much cheaper price, some people have had good experience with a particular company...
Hey Postie,

Where did you manage to get even the non-HUD windshield installed for $500? Makes me think that a drive to Cold Lake would be worth the trip. A pity that they don't have "Race The Base" anymore! What a great weekend that would have made.

But $500? Really????


Velocity, like ya $500, oh actually it was supposed to be $420, I paid $80 for shipping from Burnaby, but was happy to do it cause I looked around Edm and it was the $750 range. Even I when I heard the price triple checked , lol The work here at A&A was excellent, highly recommended. And I drove it to Ont last month and really at the end of the day no diff in seeing the HUD info. Now Race the Base, yes it would be awesome to continue the tradition but change in powers that be, sometimes don't make it happen we did have a couple great times and shows tho

If anyone else has added info for where to get this work done here in Alberta we all need it at some point. lol My truck is next
I had mine done a couple of months ago..Crystal Glass SH PK...HUD & NAV...$1650..used my glass coverage from AMI..paid deductible of $200..perfect job..they had the car for a day
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