I think they put it perfectly where if you park in front of a hydrant and leave your car there, you are putting someone's life in danger so the car really would be the least of the their worries. It's better than the firetruck just pushing the car out of the way.
If your doing something illegal and It's a life safety issue ya kinda pay the price .

When I was a young adult struggling to provide for my family I took a second job at McDonald's to help pay for my wifes education .The manager had the personality of a dead cow and just plain nasty .One day when leaving I stuck the lawn sprinkler into hit VW beetle and rolled up the window :D
Great post Wayne -- Just some of the things we firefighters have to put up with in our 'travels' around town.

It is funny and in most cases we can all chuckle about it, or even curse the indifferent driver, but the fun part goes away real quickly when it involves someone's life that is on the line (literally) if the crews needs access in a burning building.

Thanks for caring,

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