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Mar 5, 2011
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Why do people you call or email never get back to you?
It is the same in the states as it is in Fla.
When I was looking for a vette 1 out of 5 dealers called me back, one that did not sends me emails trying to sell me a car now.
When my Dad was having to go into a nursing home 2 out of five called me back after I had call looking to place him there???
I made a good living in my bussiness as I ALWAYS called people back , even if I could not do the work when they wanted it done when they left a message on my machine.
Most of the time they would wait as I was the only one who returned their call.
It gave me a chance to sell myself to them.
As a result I can winter in Fla and drive a Vette.
It was a no brainer not to call them back.
Agree that it is frustrating. I am not sure why companies web sites have a "contact us" provision if they never respond to a email request from that tab. The other thing that strikes me as odd in this generation of "instant" communication is that it really does not seem to be the case when it comes to business inquiries. I guess it may cut into to their time to tell someone they just had a latte and bought some Skittles. I don't get the whole "social media" thing, just tons of useless information.

I just bought some speciality items and I sent through requests for information from two vendors on their sites "contact us" tab. One called me back right away, not sure how they got my phone number, the other never did.
Eric Jackson Customers Cars Photo Gallery Page 8 and Chris Straub, Welcome to Straub Technologies. . .The Source of Performance. , have successful businesses and they certainly talk to their customers. I talked to Chris when ordering some Ferrea valves and he answered all my questions. Eric Jackson has done some outstanding restorations on some Holley carbs for me. Again, an outstanding guy who even phoned to see what jets I wanted installed. It's a pleasure to deal with guys like these. I generally check around with people who have had work done before chosing who will do my work, whether it be on the cars or around home. It pays. If contractors are indifferent with you, they are probably going to be as bad when it comes to doing a job. I promote the good guys at every opportunity.
I've noticed the same thing when buying and selling on Ebay and Kijiji. Poeple generally are unreliable and don't bother getting back to me if ever or for quite some time.

It used to bother me a lot but now I'm used to it. Seems to be a sign of the times unfortunately. In my day you were prompt with responses and were very appreciative of the contact. Now it's a whole different ball game. :(

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