Hi all,
Just sold my 911 and considering looking at a new C8 or eray.

Any recommendations on dealers with allocation? What’s avg about msrp these days?

Thanks all!!

Welcome to the forum Cfisher. Might want to surf through the C8 forum threads and post your question there. More will see it and get ready for a ton of opinions.... lol...
Thanks! I’ve been looking but wanted to target people in the GTA.
Welcome CityFisher. I'd still ask the C8 crowd a lot of local to the GTA info there, but ...
The big three are Spencers in Coburg, WIlson Niblett in Richmond Hill and Brian Cullen in St. Catharines. I bought mine from Brian Cullen. The big three have a 1.5 to 2 year waiting list and all sell at MSRP. Some have gotten extremely lucky with a local small time dealer. A ton of questions you need to ask.
1. How long is their list
2. How many they received in the previous model year as that is how allocations are rewarded.
3. How many they expect for the current model year.
4. How many they have received so far in the current model year.
I'd speak to the General Manager of each dealer other than the big three. We can get you in touch with those.
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Maybe a silly question, if 2 year wait, I’m waiting for a 2024 in 2025?
Not at all silly. We never know when the model year changeover will happen. Current MY was scheduled for May, but has been extended to September.
Edit: Current year is 2023
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Just to add to Murray's list of 4 above and not for the "big 3 Ontario dealers" recommended by Murray: if you find a smaller dealer has a short list giving you a good chance at an earlier allocation, MAKE SURE to find out if that dealer will ignore its list and hand out allocations to family, friends, their "good customers" or others willing to pay over MSRP since doing that, torpedoes your spot on their list. I'm on several Z06 lists and one of them is a dealer who in the past only sold for MSRP and honoured its lists. The dealership owner has since had a change of heart and he's cashing in on the C8 Z06 AND Stingray popularity, by selling to people for over MSRP (sigh). So far, he's received 2 Z06 allocations and my spot on his Z06 list hasn't changed.
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