Riley, I have found on Fleebay before or you can get from a US dealer like Bob @ Fichtner Chev he is a good guy and will ship
via USPS so you dont get any duty at the door.

Bob Wendorff
Parts Manager
Fichtner Chevrolet
At least it's the end of the season... one of the remotes just failed! Bought a new battery, still dead. Guess I'll be ordering one, but they must come programmed, yes?

Do they look like the factory Delphi ones, or something aftermarket?
They do NOT come pre-programmed. They DO come with simple directions to reprogram them When you do it, make sure you have ALL your fobs there, as you have to program/reprogram all of them at the same time.

They look virtually identical. Cheap cheap on eBay, usually with free shipping from Hong Kong.
Agree with easy programing as I was amazed how fast it was working. Now on the other hand, my neighbours Sunfire, needed to go to the dealer, as it is not a DIY...go figure.
Update- I did not need a new fob! After battery replacement, I just thought it would "work". After some surfing around I learned standing at the driver's side, near the back corner and holding the lock and unlock buttons down at the same timefor 12 seconds, will re-sync an already synced (sunk?) remote.

Worked for me.
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