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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
2003 Z06
I have spent the last couple of days cleaning my CCW wheels. Manny said these wheels are a labour of love, he was sort of right, lots of labour not so much love. :rofl:

Well I was struggling with the wheels to get them moved around to clean all the spots between the spokes and I thought it would be good if somehow you could roll them. So I thought about a roller system and how that could be done. Lo and behold I came across a thread on the other site of a guy who did just that. So credit goes to him.

He bought two bow rollers and brackets off a boat trailer, they have sort of a "V" shape to them that I think will keep the wheels rolling straight. He welded the two roller brackets about 8" inches apart to an aluminum plate and clamped it to his work bench. Now he lifts the wheel/tire onto the rollers and he can spin them around with zero effort without fear of them falling off.

Not sure if that description works or not but it really was pretty simply and I can see it working very well. Take the strain off your back and mount the rollers at any height that works for you, standing or sitting.

Back to cleaning now.
Rob, there is probably no reason why you could not mount them on a wood platform either as a long as it was stable enough to hold the wheel/tire.

Looking forward to seeing your results. We should have a race to see who can post a picture first. :rofl:
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