Whats this? The chick section of the forum :swear:

ahahhahhha...no the next section will be how to drive your vette like a lady....:rofl::rofl:...:nono::nono:
Did you guys hear what Jan had to say about Beverly last night? Hahaha, I don't know, I have no real gossip although this thread makes me wonder if I will buy any Corvette clothing this summer....or maybe a pair of shades to match the car....I don't know.

I bought a nice Corvette Jacket off ebay 2 years ago for $50 shipping included. That's where I go usually for all my vehicle logo clothes ect......that's all I got?!?:(.......oh and bought a nice pair of navigators there 2 weeks ago for $30 (good shades for Vette drivers:coolgleam:)
You guys have a one-track mind. To what, I don't know.

Don't you think this is the perfect place to get your spouses or significant others signed up and visiting on?
So i got this really cool, white purse for my birthday, maybe I'll take a picture and post it here so i can get some opinions.
It's about time someone posted something relevant here! I can't wait to see the picture so that we can compare it to RileyP's light blue purse. :D
Maybe it will match the dark blue of Mike (Fender's) face.:D I told you (Mike) not to tell anyone about the purse....but if it matches the leather jacket....
Funny thing about shoes is that I am actually looking for a new pair of Rockports. I don't know the model but they are more of a casual shoe and have taken a good beating while remaining comfortable.
This kind?


Or this kind?


Or is this more your style?


Oh God, i am so going to get kicked off this site and i haven't even posted anything car related yet :canada:
That's what this section is for :)! Are those Rockports? I am totally out of touch with what they make as I have not started to look for them yet. My shoes are like the second shoe but in black and I would like to get those again. However, the lazy side of me likes the other choices as they do not have laces.
This is where i got the pictures.


There are other websites that sell shoes on line



Now, like with everything else that involves shopping (including you Vette's car shop, tuner :D or accessorie/parts), you will have to do some browsing to either get good quality, a good deal or to find what you like.

Hope this helps :seeya:
This is the first time I've ever posted a picture of my shoes...but I bought these at The Bay. Feet First in Market mall also carries Rockports, but their selection sucks, so you have to order in the pair you like.


Just had to sneak this one in to make me feel better.

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