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Kerry4 hope you don't mind that I moved your post here. Lots of members heartaches in this thread.

Great write up on your ownership of automobiles and bikes.

My first car was a Austin Healey 3000 with a 327 Chev in it. Death trap! Always like the early Chevelle models, had a 66 as well with a 468" Big Block. Like your Demon it was a money pit.
Was the Healey yellow with flared fenders?
@Kerf it was a mid to dark blue 1960 Healey 3000 with a black interior (I only have one picture of the car and it is a Kodachrome slide). Truly wish that car was sitting in my garage, a little more knowledge now and money it could have been a really nice car.

Tell us more of this yellow one with the fender flares. There were a few sports car conversions around, a friend had a MGA with a SBC and a Daimler with a V8 that replaced the small V8 Hemi motor that was in it from the factory.
My first was a 64 Vauxhall Envoy, 4dr, three on the tree. It was all I could afford as a 17yr old who was still living at home. When I joined the Army I bought a 76 Datsun F10, but shortly after I got hooked on motorcycles and then cars were secondary, with most of them purchased used. The rest of my 4 wheelers in order are...
3) 74 DAF
4) 71 VW Beetle 1100
5) 78 Chev Malibu (Euro spec)
6) 87 GMC S15
7) 86 Chrysler K Car (shut up, the wife was pregnant and we needed a cheap car)
8) 94 Chev S10
9) 92 Buick Century
10) 95 Chev Cavalier Z22
11) 95 GMC Jimmy
12) 04 Jeep Liberty
13) 04 Buick Century
14) 12 Jeep Liberty
15) 12 Chrysler 200
16) 18 Jeep JL Wrangler Sport

A list of my bikes through the years...
1) 81 Honda CX 500 C
2) 71 BSA A65T Thunderbolt
3) 86 HD Sportster 1100
4) 95 Triumph Thunderbird 900
5) 01 Triumph Tiger 955i
6) 99 Kawasaki Drifter 1500
7) 04 HD Electra Glide Standard
8) 79 Dnepr MT10-32
9) 05 Ural Tourist
10) 06 HD Super Glide
11) 07 HD Road Glide
12) 15 HD Road Glide
13) 03 HD Super Glide Anniversary Edition

Jeezus, no wonder my ex's were always nagging me.
Was the Healey yellow with flared fenders?
My older brother built it(Yellow Healey ) in the early 70`s. pretty crude. my twin brother and I helped where possible. It had a 327 chevy out of a `64 vette in it. I was pretty proud when Dave (twin) and I drove it to high school on occasion and we were the talk of the school at the tender age of 17(1972),very heady stuff at that time, like I said the car was pretty crude but it was a quick little grocery getter.
He did sell it to someone in T.O. after that, he thought of it as the poor mans Cobra.He also told me that he and a friend went to Wood-Larkin Ford in T.O. and saw a brand new Cobra on the showroom floor(sticker price 9995.00)(circa 1966 or 7) when a fully loaded Corvette at the time was ~6K he remembers thinking that was 2 years salary.....Un-attainable.
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1977 triumph TR7. Birthday present when I turned 16 in 1978. Really fun but extremely-underpowered car

I'll take that over my first car any day of the week. Mine was a poorly repainted used 1970 light blue plain-Jane Chevelle that I quickly found out burned oil like crazy, which lead me to question my older brother's sage advice that "It's a great car at a great price; you HAVE to buy it!". After killing the planet for a few years, I moved onto somewhat better wheels and something that burned NO oil at all, having learned my lesson the hard way. But one thing of note: growing up my uncle owned/ran the best local body shop in my small town. He proudly fixed up a 1967 Mustang coupe (red with white interior) that looked in MINT shape. I'd drool over it every time I dropped by his shop and was quickly told it was for my cousin (his son and my same age) for his first vehicle. While I was out buying oil for my Chevelle, it sat for several years because my cousin was NEVER getting his driver's licence. Then my uncle gave up and sold the Mustang (he had a ton of interest in it) but then fixed up (removed all rust, did all body work, repainted perfectly and did the once-over on the engine and everything else) a 1974-ish low mileage Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia convertible that once again looked PRISTINE. He again informed me that it was for his son when he got his licence. That again sat for a couple years...until my uncle finally gave up and stopped setting aside vehicles. My cousin didn't get his licence until age 30 (14 years after me) and I was told it likely had something to do with late night trips with his father to highway crash scenes where deceased people or what was left of them, would be seen on the highway. So in some ways understandable (? NOT in my books!) but for a wanna-be nice-car-owner like me, it was torture to see those 2 cars sit and sit and sit...

The final end to that story and since this is a Chev-related Forum...my first new vehicle was a 1984 Z28 which I bought at age 25 just after I completed my "apprenticeship" for my current career and started making more than $1,200/month so I could afford the 4-year financing payments. I was set on buying a "sensible car" but drove through the parking lot of a Chevy dealer and spotted a grey Z28 for sale. Thinking it was a vehicle for "18 year old's" I thought I'd never buy it but decided to take a test-drive for fun. Surprisingly, I fell in love with its steering and acceleration so I was immediately hooked. I drove it back to my old home town to proudly show it to my uncle (more of a car-nut than me) and was completely deflated when he pointed out it was a "built on Friday car", since it had about 12 different shades of grey to its various components (fenders, hood, trunk, quarter panels, you get the idea) which he said were the left over parts thrown together to create my "Frankenstein". He was a paint expert so quickly spotted the differences from the comfort of his living room. About a year later I drove it through a tornado-induced hail storm so it needed a complete paint job. After that and when visiting my uncle again, w/o any prompting he congratulated me on having a vehicle that was now one shade of grey...

I still miss my uncle and know he would have been fascinated by my C8 although I shudder to think what he'd say about its silver paint job. LOL.
ok ...
I’m game for the dementia test 😇

I am GM ...
69 Chevy II
84 Z28
86 Sunbird Turbo GT
89 Olds Delta 88
96 GMC Sierra (finally)
98 Grand Prix GTP/GTX
01 MontanaVision (family man now)
08 GMC Sierra
09 Acadia (enough of that minivan for me)
13 Acadia
15 Acadia (still have)
15 GMC Sierra
16 Corvette (not hers)
17 Corvette (not his)
17 Trax
19 GMC Sierra
2X ???
Sunbird Turbo GT, those were fun and you could get them with a stick! Grand Prix GTPs were pretty cool too. What, no Aztek!?
My first was a 64 Vauxhall Envoy, 4dr, three on the tree. It was all I could afford as a 17yr old who was still living at home.
Any pics?
Exact same story here, except it was a '65.
I could lay down a solid ¼" of rubber......foot to the floor and pop the clutch.....haha......good 'ole days.
Paid $75 for it.
(no pics)
Any pics?
Exact same story here, except it was a '65.
I could lay down a solid ¼" of rubber......foot to the floor and pop the clutch.....haha......good 'ole days.
Paid $75 for it.
(no pics)
Might have a pic somewhere, will have to go through my albums. Mine did long smoky burnouts in reverse and because the leaf spring shackle on the right rear axle was broken it did amazing looking doughnuts in a ccw direction.
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