Last summer we met a Toronto group north of Orillia on a run to Gravenhurst. We enjoy going on tours as opposed to sitting around baking to death at a car show. Been there, done that too many times. Cruise Nights on the grass are a close second.
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Local cruise nights. Get to go for a 30 minute drive and then talk to some great folks and admire some nice cars.
Local cruise nights. Get to go for a 30 minute drive and then talk to some great folks and admire some nice cars.

same here greg. a few local racers go to the cruise nights too and we all enjoy gabbing. some nights the boys bring the racecars and fire them up for a little "cacklefest" it sure is cool to see those cars come off the trailer and drive into the lot !!! i always look forward to the little get togethers that we local forum guys have as well. :D
driving or racing ones... no car shows anymore...


I'm getting there. The first year I had my Vette I went to a lot of Vette shows, now, not so much. I like the Coping event at Manny's, and Anderson's in Woodstock. The Windsor show is great and I would recommend it. I just find that I do prefer to be at AutoX or a driving event. As far as shows now, I'm hit or miss. I like seeing a good mix of vehicles. I still want to make the GM Powertrain show, and even though I'm not much of a Mopar fan, Moparfest is a great show and only 15 minutes away from home.

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Not much into cruise nights anymore.
I like driving events, ALMS races (now Tudor) in Ohio, New York , Wisconsin, Mosport.
Weekend events like Corvettes at Carlisle, Woodward dream Cruise, Bloomington Gold, and our annual Boys Southern winter trip.

I'd rater see them moving at a high rate of speed, than watching them glitter in a parking lot.:canada:
Been doing Corvette Events since 1980.
Used to do 20-25 a year; now hardly any.
We are in it for the racing... Autocross specifically.
All across western Canada and the northwest US.

If an event doesn't have an autocross, we won't go.

Sorry... car shows just don't do it for us.

Cruises are OK... but we need to feel that horsepower and handling all working together.
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