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Feb 5, 2009
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Well , if your Dasilva Motorsports get up @ 5am , drive to Maple ,Ontario and pick up a 2012 ZR1 :canada:

Love a white ZR1

For this project 2012 ZR1 will be getting the full Dasilva Motorsports Spa Treatment to :D

LPE 710 Kit
ARH 1 7/8" headers with high-flow cats & X-pipe
Halltech CAI
ZR1 Track Wheels & Michelin Sport Cup tires

Baseline Video :
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Great looking car Manny. Very nice looking car. Good luck with the mods, we know it will turn out well.

How was the drive there were a lot of accidents in and around Maple this morning?

The mourning was good , on the way back it was horrible . I hit a wall of pure white just past Milton , and it was scary :(

All safe now :canada:
On some other forums I saw these kind of mods often + porting the snout, the throttle body and the top part of the blower. Approximatively how much more power will the porting gets to the wheels?

2012 ZR1 have 4 cats, does performance exhaust system have 2 or 4?

I am planning to do these mods in 2015 so I am starting to pick the best possible infos. Do you think these mods are the best to get good power, keep the car reliable and still get a good fuel efficiency on normal driving?

Stephane :driving:
What a beautiful car! Looking forward to seeing the after video and how much power that sucker is going to lay down! I've read a lot of good stuff about the LPE 710 upgrade as I would love to mod my ZR1 I wish I had. :rofl: ......well, we can dream, can't we?
What some will drive thru to have a little fun.......:D JK -- that day was horrid in the morning.....glad to hear you got back unscathed.

Nice numbers on the rollers stock......The projected sounds even better especially the torque number.

Will the job mean another tune do you think or will the 'puter be able to handle it without?

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