I actually started reading the thread (and yes Mustang owners a funny lot) are and came to one where the guy started talking about engine failures he'd had and mentioned one with a Boost A Pump and then I Googled that and it got me thinking. Does this really happen? Can it be a concern for SC'ed cars? Could it have lead to the recent failure of my fuel pump?????? Odder yet was reading of experiences with people with incab fuel pressure gauges reporting fuel pressure DROP under WOT conditions. Stranger yet I thought.

I remember having the experience myself once or twice when I thought at say 250 plus that the car was not pulling the way I expected it to or remembered it doing so at one point.

Any others with BAP experiences????????


Some posts are quite hilarious on there. I am actually pretty surprised about how many people were defending the C7 and actually seemed to know what was going on instead of thinking their car is fast and hearing everything else is crap. Maybe I just don't hang around enough Mustang guys to realize they are just like the Corvette guys, or Camaro guys, or Challenger guys. It seems to me the real car enthusiasts in each group are able to admit when another brand has a nice car or puts out some good performance and they leave it at that. The blindly brand loyal guys just say how the other car is crap compared to their car or a buddy's car or a car they heard about or if I put the msrp of that car into my car, it would kill it. They actually know nothing about the car they are cutting down, they've never driven one, or ridden in one, but it's garbage! :rofl:

You have some really good posts on their Adrian!
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Lol the name is Adrian...not sure how we got to Steve but its all good!

I was very active on there when I had my 5.0 a few years ago. Its a fun site so I still check in now and then.
It is even more interesting to read on a Viper forum what they think of the C7. The thread was about drag racing, and there was universal disgust on the new Viper performance. There are some computer issues. There was only respect for the C7, since the C7 hooks up CONSISTENTLY and produces times equal or slightly slower with 200hp less and much cheaper in price. Quite interesting.
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