Our '05 has about 32K miles on it. The car had 13,300 miles on it two years ago when we bought it. I love it when people "save" their cars for us less fortunate folk. We get to buy a new car for less than half of new price. With Dale and I, the real enjoyment is in the driving. While the car won't be abused, it will get lots of miles put on the odometer. By the time we are done with the car, we will be too old to care about the mileage. ;)
Looks like Terry is saving the ZR1 until I can afford to buy it. Get out there and drive that thing. You can't fly that plane all the time. What hard decisions some people have. What should I do today, go flying or fly low in the ZR1. HMMMMMMMM. :) I'm green with envy.
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